Brooklyn Brewery Lager (5.2%)

I know there are very few people who won’t have tried this American Lager.
After all, it’s been on the shelves of supermarkets for a couple of years now, but I’ve got the house to myself and I’m eating hotdogs with mustard and ketchup and, true to its New York roots, Brooklyn’s Lager goes perfectly with such lunchtime fayre.
Pouring a very deep amber with a lovely cloudy head, there’s a lot of caramel in the smell as well as a blast of bitter leafy herbs.
Burned sugar and thick toffee makes up the base of this beer, round and smooth and sweet.
And there’s an enormous bitterness too.
Like chewing daisies, it’s full of freshly cut gardens dunked in lemon juice, and it’s this acidity that lends itself so well to my lunch.
The Lager just cuts through the smoky pork flavours, while the mustard blends very nicely into the peppered crunchy leaf hops that give you a rather nice dry finish.

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