Cölner Hofbräu Früh Kölsch (4.8%)

I picked this up in Waitrose the other day as it jumped out at me against the usual array of lagers.
Perhaps it’s a new addition to their range, perhaps it doesn’t matter.
What does matter is that this is a really nice zippy little lagered beer.
Früh Kölsch smells of straw and summer playing fields, and is a lovely bright sunny gold that sparkles feistily.
The beer begins with a very soft caramel, warm and runny, a hint of sweetcorn and a great big helping of heather honey that adds a nice bittern greenness to its sweet backbone.
There are the usual peppery notes, but here it’s more radish dry heat than crushed peppercorn burn, and you also a celery and chard clean fresh crunch.
The hops here are by turns floral and herbal, equally sweet and pretty, fresh and bitter.
A good twist of lemon juice, some round and rich clementine peel and a splash of thick mango juice add tio the mix before the finish goes metallic, dry and long.
I’ll be buying this again, that’s for sure.

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