Dark Star Brewing Co. Six Hop (6.5%)

Dark Star’s Six Hop is made using six varieties of hops added at six different stages of the brew by six different brewers.
I have to say I don’t know quite why six different brewers make much of a difference.
But it doesn’t matter really.
What matters is that this is a super beer.
Six Hop is liquid amber with a trace of creamy head,and the smell is damp leaves and fruit salad.
I guess this beer is all about the hopping, but the malting here is really very good too.
It’s all honeyed digestives and shredded wheat, and it makes for an excellent platform for the hops.
Yes, the hops.
I love the fact that the six hop varieties aren’t listed on the label as though it doesn’t matter.
And it really doesn’t.
What you get here is a very sexy hop mallet that smashes your face in in the most delightful way with each mouthful.
It’s a flower heavy, peppery, herbal, citrus fuelled, tinder dry, straw crisp, grass green, penny sweet and sherbet coated, mown lawn pith finish that makes your eyes cross.
As I said, a super beer.

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