Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2011 (8.5%)

Happy Father’s Day to me!
This is my present from my children and they have chosen really well.
I know people buy these to keep on a shelf somewhere but personally I think beer’s first and foremost there to be drunk and enjoyed, and this is very enjoyable.
I’ve said this before and I’ll probably say it again, Fuller’s are a brilliant example of how beer can be made by larger breweries.
This beer pours a sumptuous deep amber and holds its small head very high.
The aroma is all orange marmalade, apple juice and hot spicy yeast.
And how does it taste?
It tastes magnificent and feels, yes feels, wonderful.
There’s a warmth to this beer, a peppery, brandy hot, toffee apple sweet mouthful of fun.
It’s rich with liquorice, rum and raisins, filling and very satisfying.
The toffee hangs around a long time, red and round ad burned bitter underneath.
Then the hops give you dried English woodland autumnal leaf mulch, hazelnuts and late summer foliage.
Hints of lemon zest finish the beer off with a dryness that’s heaped with woody resin.
This is a super beer.
Buy one and drink it.

About Simon Williams

Founder of CAMRGB. Member of The British Guild Of Beer Writers. Leftist bigmouth. Old and grumpy.
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