Northumberland Brewery St. James’ Park Bitter (3.8%)

A beer celebrating St. James’ Park?
As a dyed in the wool Arsenal supporter perhaps I should be careful about this one.
At the very least I should try not to use any footballing analogies.
And the thing is, regardless of what it’s called or it’s terribly designed (and it is terribly designed) label, this is a really decent bitter.
It pours a lovely deep and dark mahogany with a creamy head and it smells of dubbin and terraces.
It doesn’t really.
It smells of toffee and biscuits and a hint of red fruits.
The flavour is big and bold and rich and rewarding, heavy with digestive biscuits and sticky treacle toffee.
There’s a particularly good hop going on here too.
Zingy citrus and intense dry hedgerow leafiness that leaves a lovely lasting warm and spicy finish.
You’d have thought that Northumberland Brewery would have wanted to make a beer to match its team, but instead they’ve made a lovely beer that doesn’t disappoint.

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