Privat Brauerei Franz Inselkammer Celebrator Doppelbock (6.7%)

This Dobbel Bock has got a whole lot of treacle going on.
It pours as thick as treacle, it smells of dark and sticky treacle, and it taste like a big spoonful of treacle.
That’s a little unfair.
This is a super beer.
The aroma is treacle based, but laced with crushed Parma Violets, chocolate and raisins.
As you start to drink Celebrator you very quickly become aware that this is a drink with a lot of layers to it, and that the treacle is simply a coating for a whole world of goodness.
Bruised apples provide a juicy vehicle for snappy tamarind tartness and prune rich redness, while chocolate raisin biscuits form a big thick gloopy base, ripe with rum truffles and a good brandy warmth.
The hopping here is almost sweet, fresh and, dare I say, almost an afterthought.
But not quite.
There’s a twist of lemon and then a foliage laced rustic brown crunch before the slightly sticky around the edges dry finish.
And you get a free dangly goat.
Top stuff.

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