Scheldebrouwerij Hop-Ruiter (8%)

It’s not often that I’m stuck for words, or that I’m worried about using clichés or sounding a bit pretentious.
But this is really very good indeed and I could all too easily hit you up with a bunch o the usual.
So what can I say?
In plain speak what we have here is a very nice Belgian style golden ale that’s been dry hopped to hell in the American Craft style.
In more floral language Hop-Ruiter is a burning yellow sun in my glass with the lingering stench of yeast wrapped apples and pears wearing spicy hop chainmail.
You get a mouthful of sexy metallic Belgian yeast dressed in gooey runny toffee chaps and cowboy boots.
Oh, and it’s a little bit gnome-like if you get my drift.
The hops are a right old rip roaring gang of outlaws, fiercely dry, scorchingly lemony and twisted with lime and grapefruit pith.
But I think they may be wearing underpants knitted from flower stems as there’s this soft but ultra pithy floral green juicy thing going on towards the back.
It’s madmen that chew daisies, right?
Flowery language or not, this beer is maddeningly good.

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Founder of CAMRGB. Member of The British Guild Of Beer Writers. Leftist bigmouth. Old and grumpy.
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