St. Austell Brewery Cornish Bock (6.5%)

There’ve been a fair few breweries making this style of beer over the last few months or so, and for me, St. Austell’s is right up there with the best of them.
It sits in my glass the colour of orange marmalade and dares me to drink it at lunchtime with its reasonably high ABV.
I’d perhaps like a stronger aroma as there’s very little here other than the merest whiff of toffee.
I’ll forgive them this oversight though, as Cornish Bock tastes terrific.
A big bold toffee caramel sends you on your way with peppercorns popping and bay leaves and sage waving you off.
The sugars here are more a glaze, slightly burned at the edges, giving a sweet and sour body.
Hersbrucker and Saaz hops combine to give you a crunchy and crisp dry straw crackle, marigold (flowers not gloves) bright countryside dryness, and a zesty lemon punch.
The finish cleans the palate like a hoppy rake across my tongue, leaving me happy and wanting more.

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