Humpty Dumpty Brewery Humpty Dumpty Ale (4.1%)

What a great find this brewery has been.
I tried their Double IPA on holiday last week and liked it a lot and so I brought this one home with me.
I only wish now that I’d bought more.
On opening the bottle the aroma is a lovely rich fruity yeast, like freshly baked sultana packed malt loaf, and it pours a nice rusty amber.
The flavour is tinged with a good spiciness throughout, from the biscuit thick crunch of the malting to the snappy orchard fruit juices and elderflower dryness of the hopping there’s an all spice laden peppery kick that keeps this beer lively right down the glass.
All this and a lovely crisp, clean and dry finish.
I really like the label too.
It’s that slightly unnerving almost childlike illustration that’s part fun and part menacing that puts me in mind of the Pretty Things Beer Project and how their 60’s psychedelia tinged labelling lends an otherworldliness to their beers.
I need to find more from these chaps.

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