Mikkeller 19 (6.8%)

Well this is underwhelming.
Mind you, I don’t know what I expected really.
A beer made with nineteen hop varieties is going to be mega hoppy right?
It is indeed mega hoppy but it’s to the point that everything cancels everything else out.
Sure enough there’s a decent aroma of green leaves and sour sweeties and I have to say that 19 is an absolutely beautiful colour, a sensuous russet red with an off-white ring of bubbles.
But the problem is the amount of hops.
They kill all the malt flavours, leave them panting for air and unable to survive for long and leaving just a kind fo trace element of caramel.
And all the while the hops just arm wrestle each other into a bitter submission.
They become so intense that you can’t say citrus or resin or anything like that because 19 simply becomes one great big super dry bitter homogenous mush.
Like too many cooks, too many hops can spoil the broth.

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