Quantum Brewery American Amber Ale (5.3%)

I’ve wanted to try Jay Krause’s (@MisterJK) beer for a very long time.
I just had a feeling it’d be worthwhile.
Last weekend at the CAMRGB #twissup I finally took collection of a few bottles and I have to say it was worth the wait.
Pouring into my glass with a great big fat creamy head, Quantum’s American Amber Ale is the colour of a well waxed Victorian writing desk.
The aroma is a sticky fruity chewy sweet and, slightly oddly, sugared almonds.
The malts here are deep and red, oily and unguent, they’re gloopy with toffee and brittle and bitter with burned sugar in the background.
There’s a juicy bruised apple a handful of prunes and a glug of rum and raisin too.
And then there’s the hops.
Lovely, enormous, cool and groovy hops.
Mango flesh thickness, red wood resin, damp forest floor leaf mulch and super crisp grapefruit pithy dryness.
As I said, groovy.

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