Birrificio Lambrate Ghisa (4.6%)

Another beautifully dressed beer from Lambrate, but this is the least interesting I’ve had so far.
That said, this is still a lovely bottle of beer.
Ghisa is a smoked stout and it only fails as it’s a little bit light.
In my opinion it could do with another two or three percent on it’s ABV.
The beer pours deep, dark and dense, a lovely black hole of a beer with a head that resembles the créma of a decent espresso.
Very Italian.
The aroma of Ghisa is wood fires, chocolate, coffee and prunes, all very mellow and all rather satisfying.
The smoke here is really very light, more a background noise than the fierce fireside burn of, say, BrewDog’s Paradox Smokehead.
It thickens the flavour a little, encloses all the other things going on here.
Inside the smoke there’s liquorice and prunes, rum and raisin chocolate and a splash of coffee.
There’s a good crisp leafy hop that provides a nice refreshingly sharp finish.
All that’s lacking is a little extra body that a higher ABV might provide.
But even so, this is more than pretty good.

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