Birrificio Lambrate Montestella (4.9%)

Yet another winner from this cool Italian brewery.
Montestella is called a Helles but for me it has all the hallmarks of a Belgian Golden Ale.
So, where do I start?
At the beginning I guess.
The 750ml bottle has the most excellent label, all chic comic book art and cool modern design.
The oversized cap pops with a haze of meadow flowers and then as you pour you get a waft of light honey, yeast and daisies.
The beer itself is a bright and shining straw with an appetising creamy head.
Montestella’s malts are all about sunshine, full of soft runny honey, sweet caramel, a crunchy biscotti speckled with almond flakes, and a bunch of fresh herbs.
It’s sexy and light and full of fun, with a hint of freshly baked ciabatta hiding in the back.
As soft and seductive as the malts are, the hops are sharp and steely, clean blades that stab at you with the sting of nettles, pithy white flowers, hazelnut greenness, a delightful twist of lemon rind and a lip puckering finish that simply implores you to pour another glass.

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