BrewDog Dead Pony Club (3.8%)

I was surprised to find this in my local Sainsburys yesterday.
On top of which it was sitting alongside some oversized bottles of Punk IPA (550ml?) and I just had to try it.
Dead Pony Club opens with an enormous blast of flowers and fruits before sitting in your glass in a glowing orange ball with just a ring of bubbles for a hat.
On taking a mouthful I felt a huge wave of déja vu and for a moment I wondered if this was a relabel of one of BrewDog’s Prototype series that I’d tried a few months ago.
On rereading that article I found that it’s not but it shares some very similar qualities to the 2.8% Blitz! that was part of the Prototype range.
What links these two beers together for me is a complete and distinct lack of substance.
There’s just no body at all.
You get one hell of a wave of hop fuelled white flower, citrus zest infused bitterness but there’s nothing to support it and so it simply falls apart.
You’re left with a gassy feeling where the malting should be and this makes the beer feel rather astringent without the ground support of a good dose of caramel gloop.
This beer needs help.
It needs something, anything to stop it being the harsh lemony little brother of the, nowadays at least, disappointing Punk IPA that it is.

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7 Responses to BrewDog Dead Pony Club (3.8%)

  1. Ian Prise says:

    I’ve only ever had it on keg in Brewdog Aberdeen and not in a bottle. I disagree with your assertion that Dead Pony Club has no body to it. Blitz was as you say very thin, but this beer for me has a huge amount of mouth feel considering the lower ABV. I think this beer has the potential to replace Punk IPA as their flagship beer. I’m going to nip out to Sainsburys to see if I can get some bottles to try. I hope I’m not dissapointed!

    • Thanks for your comments.
      As I keep asserting, we all taste differently which is why what is and is not a good beer should be judged by consensus rather than decided by a few who “know”.
      So far you’re the fifth or sixth person this morning to disagree with my take on DPC which probably means I’m wrong 🙂
      I’ve another bottle in the shed so will try it again in a day or two.

  2. Ben says:

    660ml bottles of Punk IPA are selling for £2.35 in my local Sainsburys. First time I have seen them. They also thought that they will not be stocking Brewdog in the future, whether or not that is correct I don’t know.


  3. I was in Sainsburys and picked up this little lot including the 660ml bombers of Punk and some DPC to baron rate soon.

    Baron’s Sainsburys haul

    I tried DPC at BrewDog Manchester and it was really good on keg, in fact I think I returned for more halves of that than anything else.

    I’m disappointed to read about the thinness in the bottle, I’ll let you know what I think when I try it. Great review as always!

  4. Now that I’ve finally opened one of the bottles that I bought at the weekend I can announce:

    * I agree with Ian Prise that the KEGGED version is not thin and could easily become the ‘go to’ beer at BrewDog bars, easily replacing Punk IPA

    * I agree with Simon Williams that the BOTTLED version is thin and will not be replacing Punk IPA as the ‘go to’ bottle in my mind, it tastes of mildly sweet fizzy hop water – disappointed that I bought 4 bottles of it now

    Not that this new fangled Punk is much of a ‘go to’ beer – not as much as the original ‘punch in the face with grapefruit’ version was!

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