Butcombe Brewery Adam Henson’s Rare Breed (4.2%)

A “West Country Bitter” brewed in collaboration with (or at least named after) Adam Henson.
Now, I quite enjoy watching Adam on Countryfile but he doesn’t make me think of beer other than he’s usually on on a Sunday evening when I’m halfway through a glass and thinking about what to open next.
He’s a decent presenter, nothing special, but decent and easy to watch.
Rare Breed is a decent bitter, nothing special, but decent and easy to drink.
A match made in heaven then.
And in fact if were a cynical man I’d say this tastes remarkably like Butcombe Bitter.
The beer pours with very little head and sits in your glass all light amber an fresh looking.
The smell is the smell of a pint of bitter.
It’s a little bit malty, a little bit fruity and with a hint of pepper.
You get a wash of caramel and biscuits, some peppery pops and crackles and a hint of honey before a leafy hedgerow hop that gives a woody sap pith and a dry finish with a hint of lemon to it.
Rather like mid Sunday evening BBC programming, it’s easy to take it without having to think too much.
The perfect beer then for Adam Henson.

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