Fuller’s Golden Pride (8.5%)

Well now, here’s an oldie but goody I’ve not written about before and so, for the half a dozen or so people who are still yet to try this, here are my thoughts on one of Fuller’s classics.
Golden Pride pours a sticky toffee orange and smell sof fruit and honey and a hint of whisky.
Everything here is big and round and for ant of a beter word, buxom.
There’s an enormous bruised apple juice in here and it washes over the sweet gloopy caramel, taking the edge off the dryness of the bran rich digestive biscuit that sits at the bottom of this deep and dense drink.
Fortunately the biscuits are wearing a honey powered aqualung that stops them drowning under the weight of the hefty toffee brandy ooze.
Stewed fruit floats around like flotsam on the surface while the jetsam comes in the form of peppery rocket heavy hops that are full of pithy greenery, all herbal leaves, woodland bark and dry as you like wood sap.
Golden Pride is yet another example of why Fuller’s are my favourite of the big UK brewers.

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