Haand Bryggeriet Blondie (4.5%)

Yes, yes, yes, I know you know my predilection for all things Norwegian.
It’s almost boring now.
I picked this bottle up from a new (to me anyway) shop in Birmingham called Cotteridge Wines.
I asked for something interesting and they pointed me to this, and seeing where it was from I just had to give it a go.
What we have here, Norwegian or not, is a fine take on a classic Belgian Blonde Beer.
Blondie pours with a wisp of head and glows a lovely orange colour.
The aroma is all sun drenched morning orchards, dewy and apple rich with a clean fresh steely background.
There’s a lovely and satisfyingly dense fizz in every mouthful that breaks up to leave first a lightly burned sugar syrup malt with hints of crusty bread and then a big bag of cloves and aniseed that jump out at you from the back.
And that spice rich herbal tang continues through the hops with a splash of cleansing camomile tea poured over a sappy dry green hazel twang and the snap of woodland leaf litter.
All this and a tongue curling dryness that goes on and on wearing a lemon rind jacket.
I’m looking forward to trying more from this brewery.

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