Kernel Export India Porter Columbus (6.3%)

A head like a foam rubber helmet.

Yeast soup anyone?
Only the other day someone said that they lost half a bottle of Kernel whilst trying to pour it as it was so feisty.
This bottle was nigh on volcanic.
It needed two glasses to contain it and I still lost a good third, which is pretty painful at a fiver a bottle.
It’s the first problem I’ve had with a Kernel beer and it’s a real pity as this Porter tastes fantastic.
Sadly it looks terrible, with two inches of thick foam in one glass and a whole pint of it in another, coupled with happy yeast swimming freely throughout which made for a rather dank, bitty, nasty mouthfeel.
On opening the bottle even my wife, a completely non-beery type, commented on the lovely aroma.
It’s not a Porter smell really, this is more of a Black IPA (hence the “India Porter” name tag I presume), the smell being immense and intense tropical fruits.
And yeast.
Lots of yeast.

Yeast Soup.

This Porter’s (BIPA’s) flavour is lovely too, with a large and robust bitter chocolate digestive biscuit wearing boozy shoulder pads for extra stature and carrying a bowl of prunes doused in white rum.
And then the beer goes super dry and citrus tense, full of mandarins and mango juice, lots of zest and really very pithy.
But I’ve got yeast crawling over my teeth, chatting together as they collect on my tongue, and it’s really spoiling what would otherwise be an immaculate Porter.
In fact I’m so full of yeast now that I may be starting my own secondary fermentation.

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