Anchor Brewing Co. Liberty Ale (5.9%)

Liberty Ale is a top fermented whole hop beer of goodness.
It comes wrapped in a lovely bottle and pours a mandarin orange with a lightly foaming head.
The smell is fruity apples ad pears, almost pear drops but not quite, and a waft of caramel.
The flavours begin with a big hit of orchard fruitiness, celery, hints of white pepper and crunchy biscuit, and another suggestion of pear drop.
Before you start leaving comments about it, I know that in proper beer tasters tasting notes pear drops equal bad stuff, but here it works beautifully, adding a slightly astringent kids sweets playfulness to the beer.
The hops are floral and spicy, packed with green leafy herbs and the tang of citrus rind, pulpy orange juice and kiwi fruit sharpness, which leads to a finish packed with dry acidic goodness and a clean steely dose of metallic yeast that freshens you right up for your next mouthful.

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