Broadford Brewery Brew 18 “Transatlanticism” (6.8%)

I’ve been wanting to try David’s for a very long time as he keeps winning brewing competitions and so I was very excited that the first of his bers that I get to try has just won Rooster’s & Leeds Homebrewing Competition 2012.
And I can see why.
This is one hell of a good Porter.
Oh, I should say this is one hell of a US Robust Porter.
Transatlanticism pours fathoms deep with a superb creamy, fluffy head.
The smell is a floral hop perfume wafting across a bar of good chocolate dunked in plum jam and the flavours are huge.
A really hefty caramel doused biscuit gives way under the weight of thick dark bitter chocolate only to be rinsed away by stewed fruit and a strong black coffee.
And then there’s the hops.
They’re extra dry, super crisp fresh autumn leaves, dried pot pourri lemon rind and pink grapefruit hearts that leave an almost endless finish.
Homebrewing? This is real class.
I believe you will be able to get hold of bottles of this through BeerRitz as there will be a small brew at the Rooster plant in the near future.
Get some if you can.

Thanks to David (@broadfordbrewer) for allowing me to try his beer and huge congratulations on winning the Rooster’s Competion.

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