Kernel Pale Ale Motueka CCC (4.9%)

Well now, this is a relatively small beer for The Kernel, but it’s still bigger than most other brewer’s seem to manage, with a relatively low ABV but the depth of flavour of something much stronger.
The bottle opens with a hiss and a pungent floral aroma full of honeysuckle and passionfruit, fresh and strong and almost overwhelming.
Taking a sip is interesting, sweet flower petals, crazily brilliant lime zest, penny sweets and mango juice.
The hoppiness builds and builds with bitter dry lemon rind and some fresh bouquet garni.
But just as you’re ready to call this a hop bomb without body the malts wake up like a slumbering giant.
Gentle but firm, there’s a biscuit crumb and toffee beast lurking stage left and it pokes its head out just enough to fill out the beer while the dryness of the finish removes all known moisture from the rest of your face.
Another brilliant beer from this brilliant brewery.

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