Lion Brewery Ceylon Stout (7.5%)

This is the first beer that I’ve had that’s come all the way from Sri Lanka.
It came as part of my monthly beer club package with a label on it that asked for my thoughts as the beer club is thinking of stocking it regularly.
I’d say it’s OK but nothing spectacular.
There’s nothing wrong with this beer per se, but there are far better stouts of similar strength made closer to home.
Lion pours dark and dense with a decent head and the smell of chocolate and rum.
The malting is full of woody, nutty, chocolate coated plums in brandy that gives a decent warmth in your belly as you drink.
The hops are good and dry with a feint hint of lemon sharpness cutting across some hedgerow greenery that provides a good dry finish.
So you see, Lion Stout is a rather good beer but a long way to go when I can get Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout just up the road.
For me what this will boil down to in the end is what the price will be as Sri Lanka is a very long way away.

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