Arcobräu Grafliches Brauhaus Winterbier (5.5%)

I picked this up in Aldi, and at £1.59 a bottle you really can’t complain.
Pouring a very nice light gold with a big bubbly head, this Winterbeer smells of flowers and spiced honey.
The malts are Danish pastry and caramel with little flecks of cardamom, hazelnuts and buttered popcorn.
There’s a slug of peach juice too that provides some body for the hops which are really crisp and dry, snapping with autumn twigs and crunching with red leaf litter.
Elderflower dryness, some lemon rind zippiness and a big long dry tarragon and thyme finish.
As I said at the beginning, for the price you could do far far worse.

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