Moor Beer Company Amoor (4.7%)

Amoor is Moor Beer Company’s Porter and it’s rather good.
For a start it’s nice and bitter, but that’s rather too simplistic so let’s do the Beer Blogger thing and break it down.
Amoor smells of chocolate, spice and bread.
It pours an almost purple brown and its head is all foamy cappuccino bubbles.
There’s a nice meatiness to the flavour, all hazelnuts, walnuts and a splash of gravy.
And then there’s chocolate.
Deep, dark and bitter, this is chocolate for chocolate’s sake.
And just before the hops I get a quick blast of treacle, sticky and mouth-coating and unctuous.
The hops are subtle in flavour but big in character.
They add bursts of hazel leaves and snappy bark, and their dryness is spectacular as they leave you gasping for another mouthful.
I don’t say this kind of thing lightly, but this might be the best Porter I’ve ever had.

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