Odell Brewing Co. St. Lupulin (6.5%)

I’ve not had an Odell beer for absolutely ages and I’d forgotten how well dressed they are.
This is an excellently designed little bottle of beer, with its beautifully illustrated label really making me want to try the beer inside.
St. Lupulin is one of Odell’s seasonal beers and it’s super.
The aroma is at once sweetly floral and rich with spices.
There’s a lovely fat slug of honey at the heart of the malts and it lies on a bed of shortcake biscuit, apple juice and luxurious vanilla pod.
But St. Lupulin is named named after a powder found in hops which was once used medicinally as it has mild sedative qualities and so, quite rightly, hops is what this beer’s all about.
You get a massive wash of orange juice laced with cardamom and pine nuts, a resinous woody sap that curls your teeth with its dryness along with a gorgeous sunny and bright lemon rind zing that prickles as it hands you a bunch of pretty and delicate flowers to keep for your own before it leaves to convert the next drinker to the cult of the hop.
St. Lupulin is marvellous.

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