Redchurch Brewery Great Eastern India Pale Ale (7.4%)

What a great little bottle of beer this is, with its massive sweet shop of a smell.
But it’s a sweet shop you enter with cloves and peppercorns rammed up your nose.
Tropical fruit chews, rhubarb and custard boiled sweets and a shed load of fizzy spiciness.
Taking a mouthful is chewing a soft, sticky toffee, all fat and mouth filling, rich and satisfying.
And it needs to be plump and round because the hops knives.
Pointy, prickly and sharp, they’re initially hidden under a mango juice jacket, but they jump out with the most intensely resinous, sherbet filled pine rich citrus twang.
Lemons and limes are squeezed, grapefruits are pressed, and then this tart acidic loveliness is pushed into your eyes.
Rolling all over this are more sugary helpings of sweets, some red liquorice laces and a handful of flying saucers before a large and rather grown up sapling wood freshness, all green and pithy that leaves a prickling dryness in the finish.
I want more please.

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