Stone Brewing Levitation Ale (4.4%)

Levitation is the colour of a hard working cowboy’s saddlebag, deep red leather with a thunderhead of foam.
As I opened the bottle I was hit by the smell of chewy sweets in the Great American Pines, lots of dark chewy toffee and penny sweets that carried on into my first mouthful.
There’s a really big fat pine resin here, like munching on a varnished pine cone, and it’s filled out with a slightly nutty honey.
From deep inside the bandits looking to steal your herd pelt you with chestnuts, acorns and sharpened peanut brittle before the hops pop and skip over crackling leaf litter as they sneak into your camp to attack you with dried orange rind, lemon leaves, viney green wood sap and, rather incongruously, a cup of black English tea.
The finish is dry, though not overly so, and you’re handed a beautiful bouquet of flowers to remember things by at the end.


NB: This review is an ode to Trout Fishing In America.

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