Tesco Finest Belgian Abbey Beer (6.5%)

It’s taken me ages to get round to trying this.
I keep looking at it and then putting it back on the shelf, but this week it’s on offer so I couldn’t really say no any more.
Brewed for Tesco by Brouwerij Huyghe, who are probably best known for their wonderful Delirium Tremens, this beer pours an orange amber with just a light ring of bubbles for a head.
The aroma is a little like lemonade, sweet and sugary.
Actually no, it’s more like Lucozade and now that I come to think of it it’s the same colour too.
There’s certainly none of the fruitcake smells mentioned on the bottle’s label, b ut it’s not unpleasant in any way, just a bit sticky sweet.
You get a very sweet biscuit malt here and it gives way to some nice burned sugar bitterness and a little spice at the edges.
The hops are citrusy, with a delicate floral finish that’s rather nice.
Not a bad beer while it’s on offer, but once it’s back to its usual price I’ll probably stick to my usuals.

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