The Kernel Export India Porter (5.3%)

You know how I go on about De Molen being my favourite brewery?
Well The Kernel are getting so close to taking that title it’s almost painful.
This is such a brilliant Porter that I almost don’t know where to start.
While pouring the beer there’s a fresh and fruity aroma that includes a good kick of curry powder, bread dough and, oddly but strangely satisfyingly, cardboard boxes.
Eport India Porter fixes the bottling problems of the Columbus version and sits dark and sultry in the glass with the most alluring thick dark cream head.
From the first mouthful there’s the most enormous bitter chocolate, bread crumb, black pepper and raisin malts that grow and evolve into boozy plums and bitter damsons, rhubarb and celery.
And then there are the hops that snap and crackle with life.
Big and smiley and slightly off their faces, they’re overly bright with hazelnut leaves, lemon rind, grilled red peppers and a beautifully pithy mown lawn dryness that makes the finish rift off into the distance with glossy eyes.

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2 Responses to The Kernel Export India Porter (5.3%)

  1. This was the beer, of course, that was produced for the troops of the British Army in India (IPA was for the officers). Let’s hope it tasted as good after a four-month journey by sea.

  2. Dave says:

    You must have got a better bottle than me. I found it thin-bodied and kind of apologetically flavoured. Not actually a bad beer per se, but I haven’t been blown away by anything from The Kernel yet, truth be told. I do fully expect to be at some point, though.

    This particular bottle’s 5.8% fwiw.

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