Tiny Rebel Brewing Company Chocoholic (6.8%)

I’ve been wanting to try something from this South Wales brewery for a little while and this is a pretty good start.
It’s a stout infused with Belgian chocolate no less.
I was concerned I’d be getting a sugary mess after my experience with Samuel Smith’s chocolate nightmare of a stout a few weeks ago, but I needn’t have worried, there’s not a grain of added sugary in sight.
Chocoholic is, perhaps unfortunately for its label notes but fortunately for me, not overly chocolatey.
There’s fresh greenery to the smell of this deep purple beer with its creamy head.
Don’t get me wrong, there’s chocolate here and coffee too, but it’s not overwhelming.
INstead you get a chocolate digestive with a big glug of rum, a spoonful of stewed plum flesh and a hoppy dryness that has equal parts citrus tang and elderflower dryness.
The finish leaves you with the taste of chocolate, creamy and rich, but there’s enough going on around it to make this a rather good stout and for me to want to find more from this brewery.

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