Art Brew Art Nouveau (3.9%)

This is Art Brew’s low alcohol beer and it makes for a rather good session ale, filling all the spaces left behind by BrewDog’s rather disappointing Dead Pony Club.
On opening you get that big floral fruity mist á la DPC, but it’s fresher, more alive.
And when you take a sip it doesn’t taste like weak hop water, this is more akin to The Kernel’s wonderful Table Beer.
It’s packed full of flavour and, more importantly, it has some body to it.
There’s a lovely soft biscuit malt smothered in light caramel, and there’s hops.
Great big juicy mouthfuls of apple juice, pear and passion fruit, some lemon rind bitterness and a dose of pepper before the longest finish I’ve had in a sub 4% beer.

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