Art Brew Riwaka (4.3%)

Should I be reviewing a beer that I’ve designed the label for?
Probably not, but I’ve done it before and will almost certainly do it again.
I was hugely flattered to be asked by Art Brew to design a label for their Hip Hop series.
For those who don’t know, Hip Hop is a series of single hopped Pale Ales, each with a label designed by a different artist.
One of the things I like most about Art Brew is how all their beers smell so brilliantly fresh and fruity.
This one is all mango juice, peaches and grapefruit.
The malts here are soft and gentle, runny honey and shortcake biscuit, beautifully subtle and there simply to hold up the weight of the hops.
And what hops!
Riwaka is a new one on me and it’s an intensely bitter, lime juice fuelled experience.
Super sharp, super fresh green citrus, this is the whole lime, pips and all, along with branches and leaves, a good dose of crushed peppercorns, some All Spice and a big fistful of fresh herbs that leave a finish that’s teeth chatteringly dry and delicious.
Oh, and I forgot to mention in earlier Art Brew reviews, I love their health warning too.

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