@BarlFire Black Merda (6.8%)

This Black IPA is, to put it simply, brilliant.
Should home brewed beer be able to be this good?
Over the course of the last twelve months I’ve received beer from various home brewers that has been so good it blows many of our top professional brewers out of the water.
Pouring a deep dark black with a big cloud for a head, Black Merda smells of penny sweets, fresh flowers and ripe fruit.
Taking a sip is like filling your head with stinging nettles and foam shrimp, shortcake biscuits and smoky bacon crisps.
There’s a big slice of mango in here that provides a god fleshy body and a heap of peppery spices and sherbet fizz, while lurking in the background is the merest hint of good espresso and dark chocolate.
The hops just go on and on with their intensely bitter punch in your mouth.
Extra dry and pithy sapling wood, underripe hazelnuts, blackberry leaves and just a hint of liquorice and Parma Violets lead you helplessly into the most extraordinarily long finish.
I’m very proud to have been able to design the label for such a terrific beer.

NB: Thanks to @barlfire for allowing me to drink and review his home made beer. 

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