Batemans Vintage Ale Limited Release 2012 (7.5%)

This isn’t good.
It begins with a presentation box complete with bad spelling and continues into the beer which has a weird vegetable odour, all cabbage water and caramel.
There’s a big fat chewy toffee and some rather nice digestive biscuit, but the alcohol is hot and burning and tastes for all the world like it’s been added after brewing.
It’s that cutting alcohol of a cheap and nasty whisky, all heat and no body, no subtlety, it burns your tongue and your stomach.


The toffee lingers and gets a little cloying and the hops have almost no presence whatsoever apart from a vegetable thing that mirrors the weird aroma.
Mainly this is about the terribly harsh alcohol burn, but at the price it’s also about the terrible spelling.

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