Pyramid Brewing Co. Hefeweizen (5.2%)

There’s a lot of toffee caramel in here for a wheat beer, not that I’m complaining at all.
Pyramid is a new one on me and this beer came in this month’s Beer Club box.
Pyramid’s Hefeweizen sits in the glass a very nice cloudy soft orange but I can’t detect much of an aroma save for a hint of apricot and banana.
That shouldn’t put you off though, as what Hefeweizen lacks in smell it more than makes up for in taste.
Along with the aforementioned toffee there’s some fried banana richness and a lot of vanilla and apple juice.
As I drink and as I write the beer goes beautifully soft and sticky, clinging to my mouth like a nice runny honey.
On taking another sip the hops sweep the stickiness away and give a good sharp and much needed citrus swipe across all these gooey flavours.
The finish is spiced and dry ad good and long.
I’d be very interested in trying something else from this brewery.

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