Rogue Brewery Juniper Pale Ale (5.2%)

Before I start should we be referring to Rogue as the Oregan Brewing Company, or is it actually Rogue Brewing as the website suggests?
Just a thought.
Anyhow, this is (you won’t be surprised to read) Rogue’s Pale Ale brewed with Juniper berries and though it may simply be psychosomatic, it seems to have the kind of super clean and almost cold thing you get from a good gin.
The beer is a lovely golden honey but has no real head at all, and the smell is a gentle pine resin with a citrus marmalade glow.
There’s a big resin and heart to this beer, it’s rich and sticky and flecked with pepper.
The hops are leafy and sharp with a lime leaf bitterness and a sweet sherbet coated woodiness.
But it’s that steely freshness from the juniper berries I really like in here.
I like Rogue beers a lot and this one, though not one of my favourites, is really rather good and worth checking out.

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