Abbaye De Abdij Van Leffe Radieuse (8.2%)

RadieuseIf like me the only Leffe you’ve tried until now is the one you find in your local supermarket you need to find a bottle of Radieuse.
Mine came in my latest Beer Club box from The Beer Hawk and it pours a ruby red with a good foaming head and smells ich and ripe with prunes, vanilla and spiced rum.
There’s a rather good treacle in the malts that’s sticky and thick and carries a spicy punch.
You get a surprising amount of tarragon too, almost aniseed but not quite, it’s more green freshness than liquorice stickiness and it sets the hops off with their zingy sherbet and sharp citrus dryness that leaves a very nice resinous finish.
I’ve not been a fan of the Leffe I can get in my supermarket as I find it too sugary, but this is a different beast altogether.

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