Anderson Valley Brewing Co. Boont Amber Ale (5.8%)

You know that lovely roasted almond rich toffee praline brittle thing that’s sugary and salty and wonderful (if you like that sort of thing) that you git in a Daim bar?
That’s what this beer is.
If you like Daim bars you love Boont.
If you don’t then I suggest you have a long hard look at yourself.
Boont pours a lovely deep amber and fizzes like its life depends on it.
The smell is a big redwood and caramel blast and the initial flavour is salty sweet toffee, some roasted pne nuts and a pinch of All Spice.
This is a caramel rich beer, sticky and sweet, it runs around playfully with a big dose of pear juice, roasted almonds and a whole load of maple syrup.
The hops are more bark than leafy dryness, still crisp, but more pulpy that brittle.
That said the finish still has a lovely citrus sharpness, but it’s tempered here by a warm toffee that sticks to you and refuses to leave.

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