Black Hen Brewery Cascade Maple Stout (5.9%)

Cascade Maple StoutA bottle of this was opened at the CAMRGB Christmas do and though it was good, according to its brewer, it wasn’t quite ready.
He was of course right and what a difference a week makes.
Now, on Christmas Eve, Cascade Maple Stout pours a gorgeous purple brown with a very cosy cappuccino head and smells rich and full of chocolate coated prunes and rum.
After being able to only have a mouthful a week or so ago I felt spoiled by a whole bottle and so I took a big swig.
And what a swig!
This is a bitter chocolate driven beer but it’s beautifully balanced by a rather good woody maple syrup leafy sweetness.
There’s a some nice treacle toffee too and it’s burned at the edges giving a tamarind tartness.
The hops are dry brown crunchy leaf litter, fresh and crisp like a walk through the countryside as the first frosts bite.
The finish is long and dry but equally sticky with syrupy goodness.
Another winner from Ferg.

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