Brasseri Cantillon Gueuze 100% Lambic Bio (5%)

It would seem that my conversion to sour beers is now complete as this is delightful.
Smelling of honey and lemon juice and cider apples and greenery, Lambic Bio pours a beautiful glowing gold and fizzes with life.
This is a stingingly bitter beer that throws all sorts of flavours at you that seem to change with each mouthful.
There’s bruised apples, cloves, thyme, toffee, blackcurrant leaves, silage, hay bales, soil, nettle tea, orange peel, pine nuts, green grapes.
Shall I go on?
Flower petals, hazelnuts, acorns, blue cheese, tin foil, bread dough, peppercorns, rosemary.
All of this hits you over and over until about half way through when it all becomes one big and rather extraordinary flavour that is so dryly bitter that it curls your tongue and sears your lips and is like no other beer at all.
And so, as I mentioned above, my conversion appears to be complete.
I promise not to become an evangelist, but I do urge you to persevere if you’ve tried Lambics only once and not liked them.
Because once you get it you’ve really got it.

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