BrewDog Anarchist/Alchemist (14%)

Anarchist AlchemistA triple India Pale Ale?
If you insist.
The overriding aroma here is syrup of figs, along with a bucketful of furniture polish, resin and booze.
The malts are super sticky, thick and unctuous and steeped in alcohol, they fix themselves to the roof of your mouth and refuse to let go.
My first notion on trying this is that it’s just ever so slightly different to BrewDog’s Hardcore IPA.
Maybe it’s a little redder in colour, a little more fiery, but there are a lot of similarities.
Like the like the huge round grapefruit, frangipani, cloves and antique dealer’s highly polished redwood resins.
The finish is a bit gooey but burns brightly with Brandy, Sherry, a red leafy crunch and some tart citrus that brings a blessed relief.
For me this is pretty good but it’s not far enough away from Hardcore to be worth the extra cash.

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