Burton Bridge Brewery Tickle Brain Ale (8%)

This was one hell of a feisty bottle of beer to pour, taking two glasses to control it, and so this review begins badly.
Tickle brain is a dull chestnut beer with, for me at least, far too much head.
but after fighting my way through this veritable torrent of sticky bubbles this beer really gets going and ends up rather fine.
The aroma is a very nice spicy digestive biscuit and stewed fruit, sweet and rich and warm.
There’s a big malty presence to Tickle Brain, with a very nice treacle that oozes onto your tongue and brings with it honey and a bowlful of absolutely sozzled plums and peaches, which is all served up on a giant biscuit base.
The hops come in the form of bailed straw, hazelnuts and nettle leaves, all very sharp and all very English.
As you work your way through this beer you start to notice a good liquorice and rosemary background which all adds to the stickiness of the finish that’s at once sweet and gooey and long and dry.
A very good beer indeed, even if it was a pig to pour.

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