Grain Brewery FHB (4.3%)

FHBFHB is Grain’s Fresh Hopped Beer and it’s really rather lovely.
There’s a lightness of touch, a delicate subtlety in most of Grain’s beers that I just love.
This one smells fresh and resinous and woody and, well, of the outdoors.
Beautifully, gently fizzy, this orange marmalade coloured beer has a good shortcake and honey malt that’s pricked with cracked peppercorns and ever so slightly salty, and the fresh Boadicea hops are round and juicy.
Actually juicy is a bit of an understatement.
They’re JUICY.
Fresh and fleshy, packed with oils that throw elderflower and green hazelnuts, bramble leaves and hedgerow sap at you.
It’s an intensely English affair and it’s absolutely lovely, leaving you with a hot, dry nettle sting of a finish that curls your tongue and leaves you happy.

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