Ilkley Brewing Co. Siberia (5.9%)

As everyone interested in beer will already know, this Rhubarb Saison is a collaborative brew with our very own (at least she has a knack of feeling that way) Melissa Cole.
The thing is, I wanted so much to like this that it always had the potential to be massively disappointing.
So I’m overjoyed to say that Siberia is a rather brilliant beer that I’d like to have a barrel of please.
Pouring a slightly cloudy but lovely gold and with just a teasing ring of bubbles for a head, the aroma is a delicately earthy blend of green leaves and flowerbeds.
The malts are soft oozing caramel and heather honey, pricked with cracked peppercorns and a load of crushed shortcake biscuits.
There’s a very nice alcohol heat that I’d expect from a much higher ABV.
It’s not a burn at all, instead it’s clean and clear and has the sharp tingle of a good gin.
The hops are citrus sharp and woody, almost crunchy, definitely crisp and plump with a vanilla richness tat sits beautifully against the subtle red sharp bitterness of the rhubarb.
The finish is long and dry and tastes for all the world like the rhubarb and custard boiled sweets that I loved as a boy.
In fact I really want a bag of them now.
What a delight this is.

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