Mikkeller Hoppy Lovin’ Christmas (7.8%)

Hoppy Lovin' ChristmasA big hop bomb, that’s what this is.
A huge fruity, sweetie packed, resinous smell hits you as you open the bottle and the beer pours into the glass a very sexy marmalade with a fierce foaming head.
There’s a softly comfortable malt that’s gooey and sweet and not unlike a big fat pillow you’d love to snuggle down into.
It’s warm and friendly and tries its best to keep you safe from the fierce hops.
Heavy with pine, the hops are orange juice laden and spiky, like some weird citrus basted hedgehog in a Santa hat, this is a beer you mess with at your peril.
But this hedgehog has a soft side, you see he’s wearing a lightly floral lavender perfume, unless of course your mad old Aunt has come to stay and insists on a Christmas kiss where she’ll sneak in her tongue.
The finish cuts your lips off, rubs them in salt and hands them back to you with a smile and a wave as it lurches off into the distance.
No wonder I needed the protection of a Jedi Master.

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