Nottingham Brewery Ltd. Extra Pale Ale (4.2%)

Nottingham Brewery’s Extra Pale Ale is a very nice beer indeed.
It’s light and easy going but has enough interest to make you look forward to every mouthful as you work down the glass.
Pouring a very light golden straw the aroms is hay bales, grass clippings and a soft fruity caramel.
The malts here are soft but remarkably indulgent for such a lightweight beer, coming on all sugar syrup rich with lots of honey and some decent apple juice thickness along with a good shortcake biscuit base.
The hops are, in my humble opinion, very English.
They’re orchard green with lots of spiky brambles, elderflower water and just a twist of lemon before the juicy pithiness of a freshly mown lawn leaves a long lingering finish.
Very nice indeed.

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