Saltaire Brewery Stateside IPA (6%)

Stateside IPAOpening this beer I was surprised at how little aroma there was.
I was expecting something big and punchy but instead there’s a subtle resinous caramel that drifts up form this rather good looking copper coloured IPA.
Everything changes when you take a mouthful though.
Stateside IPA may smell subtle bit tastes big and bold and exciting.
There’s a malt that’s all sticky toffee that clings to your teeth and hangs around throughout with a very good crumbly biscuit base.
You get a dab of honey too, just a little maple syrup and some brittle burned sugar bitterness at the edges.
The hops are deeply resinous, full of pine needles and redwood bark, along with a strong lemon rind sharpness, some grapefruit juice, lime leaves, black pepper and an intensely snappy fresh herbal hedgerow leafiness that leaves you with a lovely long dry finish that simply refuses to go.

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