Avery Brewing Co. India Pale Ale (6.5%)

India Pale AleThis is quite extraordinary and, if this s what cans can do for beer, I could easily be converted.
Opening Avery’s IPA I was assaulted, yes assaulted by the most intense tangerine and sherbet blast, and as I poured I was given a lovely fluffy head sitting on a glowing orange beer.
You get a decent malt background in this IPA, a malt that does all the right things, providing a body of soft biscuit and a little caramel with some saltiness at the edges that works very well.
But this is a beer for hop heads, after all the can proclaims, “Hop Freaks Unite!”
Watermelon flesh, mandarin, mango, tangerine and grapefruit get things going, it’s a veritable citrus salad.
There’s a lot of lime zest too, and then there’s kids sweets coated in fizzy sherbet that tingles your tongue, puckers your lips and makes you suck in your cheeks.
The finish is rich and smooth, the malt reappearing as a woody sweet caramel that carries freshly squeezed orange juice, but it’s equally as dry and bitter and teeth clenching as putting a battery to your tongue.
This is a super little beer and I just wish I could get more.


NB: Thanks to Mark (@landells) for bringing this back from the USA for me.

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