Brasserie Fantomê Magic Ghost (8%)

Magic GhostI thought I’d save this for New Year’s Eve and Im glad that I did.
This is one hell of a weird, wonderful, strange and beautiful beer.
Magic Ghost pours into your glass a rather unusual green.
Yes, green.
A fiercely fizzing lime green to be exact.
The aroma is spun sugar, sour dough, apples and a lightly spiced farmyard fug.
To be honest I was expecting a big sour and bitter blast from this beer but instead I got a honeyed brioche, straw and burned caramel.
There is some sourness lurking in the background and it’s knife sharp, but it just lurks there pricking at your tongue instead of attempting to turn your face inside out.
You get handed a decent floral bouquet and a little lavender and aniseed before the hops go super herbal and fresh with lots of mown grass, basil, rosemary and flowerbeds.
In fact, now I think about it, this is rather close to my beloved DuPont’s Saison.
In fact it’s like DuPont’s Saison with just a splash of Lambic tartness.
And in my book that’s a very good thing indeed.
Oh, and did I tell you it’s green?

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