Brewfist 2 Late IPA (9.5%)

2 Late IPAOver the last few months I’ve heard people talk about Brewfist and really wanted to try some.
Everybody seemed to be saying good things.
And now I have a glass in front of me I can see why.
2 Late opens with a hiss and a sigh like the coolest person you know sucking through their teeth.
The smell is pine heavy and gave me very personal recollections of the woods on the coast near Livorno, just south of my home in San Lorenzo a Pagnatico, fresh and alive and rich with red woody resin.
Taking a mouthful is being kissed square on the lips by beautiful dark sensuous toffee, gooey and warm, not at all bashful, it lingers and caresses with bitter sweet sugar syrup and sticky honey.
There’s a big glug of booze in here too.
It’s white rum heat that warms you through and tingles with sherbet on your tongue and in your stomach.
And then there are the hops.
Gigantic fruity, juicy hops packed with grapefruit, apricots and apple cores.
All this adds up to a cool and sexy double IPA with a super dry, bitter finish that you just don’t want to end.
Molto bene mi amici.

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Founder of CAMRGB. Member of The British Guild Of Beer Writers. Leftist bigmouth. Old and grumpy.
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